WFH Guide!

Working from home is the new normal for those of us fortunate enough to work from home during the current pandemic. As we #StayHome and go through these changes together, it’s important to do our best to have a posi-tea-ve mindset

The mind is a powerful force - It’s so easy to get in our head and overthink situations, especially now that working at home makes you feel a new level of laziness. Negativity is just that, draining and unproductive. 

Sure, we all have days where we’re entitled to be a Debbie Downer, but if this mindset starts to become a pattern and affect your attitude and overall outlook on life, a good cup of positivi-tea could be just what you need.

Below, we're sharing 7 ways to remain productive throughout the day and how to adapt to a new daily routine. Read on to learn the helpful hacks we use to lift our spirits, and be sure to pass them along to anyone in your life who might need a little positivi-tea thrown their way:

Even if you don’t feel like it, get dressed and out of your pyjamas. 

Swap your sleepwear for activewear! Sure, you can let it slide for a few days, but you’ll start to feel stir crazy and lazy if you stay in your pjs for too long.


Wake up early and do an at-home workout!

You finish your mini home workout feeling sweaty and satisfied. You hop in the shower and feel the cool touch of water revitalise your body and mind. Nothing that could happen today will affect your mood, you are feeling 100. Top it off with a cup of Brighten Up, an ice cold elixir of hibiscus flower, fruits & ginger to detox your body and make your refreshed mood last all day. The best part is, it’s super healthy!


Keeping a schedule is vital for WFH

Stick to your morning routine, such as waking up and making your bed and washing your face. Make your morning tea, and then stick to your regular working hours.

Make sure to sit by the window at home!

Designate a specific area in your home as your new (temporary) office space. Ideally, somewhere that catches some sunlight so you can remain sane, and let the sun work on your glow.


Avoid stress, take a break and have a cup of tea 

Too often, we are too busy to set time out for ourselves and enjoy life. But everyone has time for a cup of tea. Now is the time to try our Fully Charged teas! Filled with high caffeine black teas that will give you the motivation to get through the day with a caffeine kick, especially now that working at home makes you feel a new level of lazy. A taste of these naturally high caffeine breakfast teas will make you slide on your trainers and run like the wind. Okay fine, more like run around your kitchen.


Keep normal office hours.

It’s easy to jump right into emails, Slack notifications, group threads, and so on. The moment you wake up, be sure to set boundaries with yourself regarding your hours of availability. The same goes for signing off at night—close your laptop, and if you need to, turn off email notifications during the evening so you can decompress and live life as normal as possible.


Check in with your parents, close friends and family.

Working from home can get lonely. Take time out to call your friends and family either in the morning or when you’ve finished working and check in on each other


We’re all in this together! How are you tea drinkers adjusting to WFH?






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