The first tea<br>you'll actually love!

The first tea
you'll actually love!

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‘Lifestyle tea’ brand OFFBLAK
to launch via D2C

The UK’s raft of direct-to-consumer brands is set to be joined by OffBlak, which aims to “set an exciting new course for tea”.

OFFBLAK Targets Millennials and Gen Z with Its Modern Tea Brand

Tea is a quintessentially English drink and OFFBLAK is looking to introduce its next-gen, modern tea brand to a younger demographic in the UK.

What to Drink Now: 

There’s change afoot in the world of tea. Introducing OFFBLAK to the UK, a new tea that is created to enhance a lifestyle with bold flavours, exciting design, and zero compromises on taste or excitement.

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There isn‘t one. Amazing tea flavours without compromise on taste or excitement delivered to you. No B.S. Read on.

A new generation of tea for a new generation of you

Healthy Lifestyle Tea

Offblak is a tea brand created to enhance your healthy lifestyle. After all, we believe that style and substance go hand in hand.

Without Any Compromise

Straight-up ingredients in pyramid tea bags. No compromise on taste or excitement. No B.S.

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At home or at work, you no longer need to wait in for your tea delivery. Free letterbox delivery for orders over £14. Are you in?