This month's spotlight is one of our favourite brands! Wavey Casa is the vibrant and edgy home decor store, that can also spice up your ring collection. The creative mind and girl boss behind Wavey Casa, is the ever cool Darcy Lettman. We got to learn more about her journey as an entrepreneur, and the Wavey Casa story. 


1) What led you to start your business?

Just before lockdown (number 1) I left my job in fashion buying to travel overseas! Because of the pandemic I couldn’t go so I was desperately trying to find another creative outlet - so Wavey Casa was born!

2) What has been the biggest challenge in building your business?

I think the biggest challenge has been setting boundaries for myself! A few months back I got in a really bad habit of saying yes to absolutely everything and working 7 days a week! Now I’m trying to be more disciplined and manage my time and mental health better!

3) Do you hand make or curate all your pieces? What has inspired you to do this?

It’s a mix of handmade and curated pieces! I felt that there really was a gap in the market for bright and colourful homeware pieces! Every candle I have designed myself completely from scratch!

4) How would you describe your brand’s style?

I would describe it as cute bright and fun (and of course Wavey!)

5) How do you want your pieces to make people feel?

Happy!! I want each of my pieces to spread joy! Especially the Fuck it candles 
It’s a daily reminder that life is short and we should all just say fuck it once in a while and go for it!

6) What is the best piece of advice you have for aspiring artists and entrepreneurs right now?

Stay positive, go with your gut and surround yourself with amazing people!



Fuck it, I’m making candles :) ##candlemaking ##soycandle ##waveycasa ##vegancandle ##smallbusiness

♬ Stir It Up - Bob Marley


7) What role models have inspired you throughout this journey?

For sure one of my closest friends (William) he launched his own clothing brand (@shadesofeadai) at around the same time that I launched Wavey Casa. His brand is incredible and seeing him grow and his constant support and advice has really kept me going!!

8) Do you drink tea? What part does tea play in your day (i.e. what is your tea ritual)?

Yes I am a sucker for a green tea! I try to have one every morning to slowly wake me up....then after I have a very strong coffee!

NOTE: Darcy's favourite is our Brighten Up Tea!





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