The sun is finally out and COVID restrictions are coming to an end. It's time to start making the most of summer 2021! We're here to make sure this summer is a breeze, with our picnic essentials. 

Whether you're a cheese board artist, or someone who enjoys chocolate covered strawberries, our iced brews are the perfect edition to your picnics in the park. These iced teas are perfect with honey, or even as a base for your favourite cocktail (we've been loving a good old G&Tea, see how to make one here)!

This Masala Chai Tea can be your new happy hour favourite! Impress your friends by learning how to make them our Masala Manhattan, here.

Our Spice It Up tea is also the perfect Iced Chai. We like to drop a tablespoon of honey into this fully charged black tea while it's brewing. Let that sit for a while, and add a pinch of cinnamon, half a cup of milk, and ice! 



Honey and Cinnamon is our secret to a perfect iced chai 🥰 ##OFFBLAK ##chaitea ##fyp

♬ sunflower - ︎


The best summer staple has to be our GLOW teas! These brews are the fruity flavours you've been craving on London's hot summer days. We recommend brewing them for an hour in cold water to let all that fruity goodness infuse! 

If you're picnicking at the beach, or are in the mood for something different, we suggest turning these brews into fruit tea ice-lollies! Check out our recipe here


The most important essential for this summer is our SUMMER BREEZE playlist! We've specially curated songs to fit the mood of every memory for this summer. This playlist is filled with hot girl anthems, indie sounds that make you want to build flower crowns in the park, and some classic road trip songs to sing along to with the windows down.

Check it out!









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