It’s summer! Finally we have some sunny weather, so let's reap the benefits of it! It may be hard to stay motivated and focused on your yoga practice when all you want to do is sunbathe outside, sip Offblak’s tea cocktails by the beach, or you feel too sweaty already to get even more sweaty! Yet summer is the perfect time to dive into your yoga because there are unique allowances. We present to you five benefits of doing yoga this summer!

Deeper flexibility

In summer, when the weather is warmer, we are more agile. So when we stretch muscles in the summer sun, it helps loosen up the body and provides an opportunity to go deeper into your poses! Yoga consists of a variety of poses that allow you to stretch tight muscles, and with the help of the outdoor, summer heat, the more likely it is you will become more flexible in a shorter amount of time. The supportive balminess of summer will help you discover the emotions you hold on to and have hidden in the abyss of your being.


Detoxifying through sweat

Many Yogis love to practice hot yoga in order to allow the body to really do its thing and sweat out all the toxins! In the summer, there’s no need for hot yoga to be practiced inside a boring plain studio, when you can simply step outside and reap the benefits of the summer heat. If you’re a lover of hot yoga, you probably know that by the class’s end you’re dripping in sweat! Sweating aids in cleansing your organs, muscles and glands. Whether you’re feeling sleepy or overindulging during weekend barbecues and afternoon teas (preferably Offblak tea), summer is a great time to detoxify your body!


Staying hydrated

The beginning of summertime heat can be a little shocking to the body after an LONG period of cold weather (especially when you live in the UK). The best way to adapt to this is drinking plenty of water! Outside yoga is a perfect way of pushing your body through the heat and adapting, because not only after time will your body adjust to the temperature change, but allows for the recognition of when your body needs to be hydrated! During any hot spell, it’s essential to maintain good hydration.


Vitamin D

Taking your yoga practice outside and becoming one with the earth is a truly transformative experience! Essentially, us humans are just very large plants, needing sunlight and large amounts of vitamin d to function and be overall happier individuals with the ability to work at our fullest ability. A lack of it would ultimately result in sleepiness and a higher risk of becoming ill. However, an increase of it leads to an improvement of mood and sense of well being. When you practice yoga in the summer, you aren’t only getting benefits from the exercise, but your daily vitamins as well!


Improved breathing

Overall, practicing yoga improves breathing due to the working through of strenuous poses. When this exercise is performed in warm weather, your body has to work hard to take in oxygen. This then trains the lungs to work more for the intake and will thus lead to easier regular respiratory function.

Why not try out these calming & energetic yoga poses to get started!




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