Your favourite Rooibos tea as Macarons? Oh yes, here at OFFBLAK we make Tea and Dessert lovers dreams come true! It’s easy to make delicious Macarons at home with this quick and simple recipe:


For Macaron Shells:

112g Ground Almonds

112g Icing Sugar

45g Egg Whites

5g Blue Gel Food Colouring

1 tsp Blueberry essence 

For Italian Meringue:

112g Caster Sugar

45g Egg Whites

25ml Water

For Mint White Chocolate Ganache: 

225g white chocolate chips

120ml heavy whipping cream

¼ teaspoon peppermint extract


  • To bake, preheat the oven to 135°C.
  • Start by mixing the ground almonds and icing sugar with 45g egg white in an electric mixer, until it forms a paste.
  • Add 5g of blue gel food colouring, and blueberry essence and mix into the paste until you get an even blue colour.

Italian Meringue

  • Add 25ml of water and caster sugar in a pan and boil it until it reaches 121 degrees.
  • Meanwhile, have the egg whites ready, preferably in a mixer ready to whisk!
  • When the syrup has reached 121°C, pour it into the egg whites and whisk on full speed until light and fluffy.
  • Fold a third of the meringue into the paste until all incorporated, then fold in the rest of the paste. It should be light and airy. 

To mix the batter

  • To pipe the macarons, transfer the batter into a pastry bag with a round tip. 
  • Pipe out 1.5-inch rounds about an inch apart on prepared baking sheets.
  • Let the macarons rest and dry for 15-30 minutes
  • Place one baking sheet with macarons on the middle rack. And place an empty baking sheet on the top rack to shield the heat from above and to prevent excess browning.
  • Bake the macarons one sheet at a time for about 18-20 minutes. Touch a macaron lightly and try to move it. If it slides and wobbles, bake a minute or so longer. The cooked macarons should be firm to touch and the base shouldn’t move.
  • Cool the macarons on the sheet for 10-15 minutes, and then transfer onto a wire rack to cool completely.

Mint Chocolate Ganache

  • Heat the cream in a pan when boiling, leave the tea bag in for one minute, for the flavours to infuse then take out.
  • Pour hot cream over chocolate and whisk, then add peppermint extract and green food coloring then put in the fridge until it thickens.
  • Once set pipe ganache and assemble the macaroon.

To assemble the Macarons

  • To assemble macarons, transfer the ganache into a pastry bag with a round tip. Pair the macaron shells by size and pipe a dollop of ganache on half of the macarons shells. Place the other shell on top and press lightly so the filling is spread till the edges.
  • Store the filled macarons in an airtight container in the fridge for at least 24 hours to mature. Then bring them out about 30 minutes before serving. 



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