We’re all about music! Who doesn’t love music? We all have a playlist for every mood and every occasion. That is why, here at Offblak, we have created a Spotify playlist for each category of tea! So, whether you want to Fully Charge, Chill Out, Glow or go Caff Free, we got the tea and the playlist for you! Offblak should cater to your lifestyle and mood! Check out our playlists here: 

Fully Charged

Our Fully Charged playlist is here to fuel you up this morning! Listen here


Enjoy that detoxing me-time with our Glow playlist! Listen here


Caff Free

With our Caff Free playlist, you can hit reset, any time of any day! Listen here

Chill Out

It’s all chilled vibes from here… Listen here

Future is Pink

Turn your sass level up to 100 with our Future is Pink playlist! Listen here

Work From Home

We can all drink tea to these working from home songs! Listen here


Celebrate Pride 2020 with our pride party playlist! Listen here


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