We can call Tuesday many things, but we would not necessarily call it fun.

However, what we can say for certain is that, for the first time, this Tuesday was amazing AF. With our website going live, we took to Shoreditch to celebrate, T style, at an exclusive Generation Tea Party. Read on to find out what went down.

Split into four sections, for our four categories, united by a T  bar, we presented all twelve of our teas at Protein Studios!

Enter: Our guests started their brand journey with our step and repeat Offblak pink board, which was giving us LIFE! Guests were then able to pick any of our stickers to wear or keep, which displayed the illustrations from our packaging, designed by Thomas Hedger!


Designed to represent that feeling you get after you work out when your endorphins are released, this section was fully charged with pink paper deco and two pink-hot swings. Can you say instagrammable?


Time for a quick T break. The T bar was everything anyone would want in a bar (minus the alcohol). We had charismatic tea-tenders who would answer tea questions and fulfil our guests’ tea desires. The tea bar was round and split up into 4 colours. Our tea-tenders not only served fashion-realness but every shot of tea from our full range!


Whether your skin was glowing or not, our 360 camera had you covered! Surrounded by greenery and our iconic neon triangle, guests could take as many gifs as they pleased, featuring props like the pink flamingo *classic*, huge dice, or even a wildcard!


Getting a bit much? That is precisely what the Chill Out section was for. As you walked into this area you entered sweet serenity, with fluffy clouds, bean bags and headphones playing spa music hanging from the wall - *inhale, exhale*.


To conclude the tea experience, we wanted to end on a short and sweet note, that note being: ZEN AS FVCK. Because who wouldn’t want to feel that after drinking tea? Our caff free illustrations came to life in our zen garden, giving you Greek God, Japanese Garden, and Paradise - the works. What’s more, you could rake to your heart’s content.

*Pictured: our very own @wave_writer lookin’ Zen AF*

Exit: Whenever our guests decided they were done having their T Party, they were showered with tea in goodie bags. Bye, Gen T! Hope you had fun. Feeling like you missed out or just miss Offblak? Check out our Launch memory highlights on Instagram to re-live the experience. You will never guess who was there!



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