Today we launch our website where you can find out who we are and why you should care.

Please read further as we take on our mission: make tea cool again.

Have you ever wanted a drink that had both style and substance? A drink that is good for your soul and good for your following? A drink that provides health benefits without losing out on taste? A drink that can pick you up when you are feeling down and make you relax when you are tensed up?

Meet Offblak, the hardcore and rebellious tea brand, created to enhance your life.


1. A new generation of tea

Brand Story

This began the first part of our mission – make instagenic tea that demands an audience. We wanted to make a product so good-looking that people would no longer be inclined to keep their tea in the cupboard and instead give it centre stage on the counter top. We want you to be able to drink tea like everybody is watching, and by you, we mean Generation T…


2. More than just a tea, #Generation T

Brand Story

The second part of our journey came from our strong belief in being transparent. Instead of needing a magnifying glass to read our ingredients list, we have made it big and bold for all to see.

Instead of hiding, we want to show off our whole, natural ingredients to you so that you feel comfortable with what you drink. Even more so, we want you to enjoy what you are drinking, because for us a healthy lifestyle and taste go hand in hand. We know that you are a bold generation who wants to be informed, who wants to feel part of the brand they buy into, and who wants the brands they buy into to be part of a movement for change. You are our Generation T. We value your opinion so much that it was the driving force of the third point in our journey.


3. Be bold, never beige

Brand Story

We wanted to start a new conversation in the tea category, but that conversation starts with you. We trust and value your opinions, wants and needs. That is why we set off to Old Street in East London, where we asked 300 of you what you thought of our tea.

We listened to what you have to say and we delivered: you wanted to try our tea before you buy it, and that is just what we will give you #DontBuyItTryIt! Register now and receive our free tea sample when we launch! What’s more, sign up for early access now, refer your friends and you could win a year’s supply of teas & blends! 

Welcome to OFFBLAK


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