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Brighten Up!


Fact 1: Design & Name

Where does it get its name from? A play on the phrase, which means "feel better", this tea aims to do just that with its super ingredients that cleanse and protect the body, you would be crazy not to smile! This tea is the perfect pick-me-up at any time of the day when you need that confidence boost. Even more, the word bright plays with the idea of the tea making you Glow.


What is the meaning behind the design? The Brighten Up illustration is designed as a reflection. In fact, all the teas in the GLOW range are designed as such to show how, pre-glow, you were a mere shadow or reflection of your former self. It also gives the idea of balance; our Glow tea balances out the nasties your body is faced with daily. In this case, the dice represent how you make a bet on Offblak to feel you better! The colours depict the delicious ingredients of the tea, forest fruits and ginger. 


Fact 2: Flavour & Feeling

What are the ingredients? With ingredients including Hibiscus, apple pieces, ginger, rosehip, blackberry leave, blackcurrant leaves, raspberry pieces, and No.B.S, we have the recipe to make you good to glow.

Why does it feel like post-workout happiness? The winning combo of detoxing forest fruits with immunity champion ginger, will literally make you feel that endorphin-filled happiness of a post workout, with that natural glow to boot! Who needs highlighter?


Fact 3: Action & Mood

How does it make me Glow? Our Brighten Up tea is part of our GLOW range. Our GLOW range is created from ingredients with antioxidant properties such as hibiscus, berries, and more, which is help to get rid of the free radicals, also known as nasties, in your body.

What are the Benefits? The base of these teas, green and hibiscus, have medium and no caffeine respectively, which is a great way to still feel rejuvenated and fresh with less caffeine and more detox ingredients!


Fact 4: The Perfect Brew


For your ideal brew, pour 100℃ Water temp. into your fave cup and brew for 3+ MINS. Through your tea pack and teabag in your recycling bin and send your used aluminium sachets back to us to be recycled!


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  • I love your teas never tried this one and will be doing so!

    RACHEL on

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