Give your dad a break. Treat him to a nice cup of Caff Free tea! Whether your dad is a cool dude or an utter yawn, we have the tea for him. Take this quiz to find out which Caff Free Character your dad is.

For the following 10 questions, note down the response that best represents your dad:

1 | What does your dad do for a living?

A. Hands-on work
B. Climbing that corporate ladder
C. Stays at home playing video games *ahem* looking after the children

2 | On a scale of 0 - 100, how busy is he?

A. 70
B. 100
C. 30

3 | What does his average Friday night look like?

A. Having a night with the lads
B. Going to a jazz bar with your mum
C. Taking a nap, obviously

4 | How would you describe his ideal vacation?

A. Disco disco, good good
B. Beach lounge by day, cocktail bar by night
C. Stay-cation

5 | Which best describes your dad’s parenting style?

A. Best mate; he gave you your first sip of beer at a football game
B. Intimidating; he gave your first sip of wine at his favourite cigar bar
C. Hands-off; he lets you do as you please, as long as you leave him be

6 | What do you usually find him wearing?

A. Blue jeans and a white top
B. Trousers and a shirt
C. Anything that is clean

7| At a restaurant, he is most likely to order:

A. Burger and fries
B. Steak and vegetable medley
C. Any type of pasta

8 | He would rather...:

A. Feature as an extra in a TV series
B. Write an autobiography
C. Watch Netflix

9 | His favourite sport is...:

A. Football
B. Polo
C. Whatever’s on the sports channel

10 | His favourite hobby to do with you is:

A. Building extra furniture for the house
B. Watching the stocks with you
C. Teaching you how to play poker online


Take a look at your notes and see which letter came up the most. Now, comes the moment of truth...

Mostly A’s | Mr Down Time

Your dad is the king of cool. He is the first person to be invited to any party and he is a class joker. Not only is he the best handyman, but he is also your best friend. Get a couple of tickets to the match for Father’s day - he will love it! Also, treat him to a couple of packs of Down Time tea, which he can take with him and have on his work breaks - every time he drinks it, he will think of you!

Mostly B’s | Mr Nicely Spicy

Your dad is a 'work hard, play hard' kind of man. While he is extremely busy, he makes sure to enjoy his free time to the max. He wants to shower you with the luxuries of life but he will also kick you into place if you are not careful. Book his favourite Michelin star restaurant for Father’s day, this will surely put you down in his good books for the evening. Gift him some Nicely Spicy tea to show him you recognise his strong and powerful character.

Mostly C’s | Mr Sleep Breezy

Your dad doesn’t really seem to do much but he is somehow always tired - what? While he may not show it, he loves you and his way of expressing it is to let you get on with your life, however you please. Cook him his favourite comfort food from scratch this Father’s day - he will definitely appreciate the effort! To show him you love the relaxed father that he is, give him a few packs of  Sleep Breezy tea. That should … and he is already asleep.

None of these describe him!

Your dad is so unique, we couldn’t sum him up to a T(ea)! Chances are, he is a combination of these three characters. This Father’s day, book a train ticket to another city - he loves to explore! Grab him the full Caff Free tea set and let him discover which is his favourite on his own, NOW 3 for 2 with code: DAD3FOR2 !



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