Father’s Day Gift Guide 

Say it with Offblak this Father's Day! Our one of a kind brews are designed to satisfy every kind of Dad

The Cool Dad 

Believe it or not they do existor try to! Cool Dads say ‘yes’ when Mom says ‘no.’ They will or (already have gone through) a ripped jeans phase and they get skincare. What better way to celebrate these guys than with a selection of joyful detox brews. Our Glow collection is the break your Dad has been looking for. Each tea is designed to nurture your body and mind. 

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The Workaholic Dad 

This one’s for the Dads who take the office home. They work nights and weekends for you. It’s time to give a little something back with our Caffeine Free collection. With each sip, these brews will give your Dad the relaxation he deserves. Keep weekends, weekends, by pouring your Dad an OFFBLAK Caff Free tea. 

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The Proud Pops 

Whether it’s the prom pictures he still keeps of you on his phone, or the baby photos he keeps on his desk, your Dad is always showing you off. He’s the only guy that can come from work to your school productions on time. Help boost his daily routines with our Fully Charged teas. These brews will kickstart your Dad’s day, and these flavors will remind him of school mornings with you. 

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The Dad Jokes Dad 

He’s definitely asked one of your friends to pull his finger, and he’s had the same New Balances longer than he’s had you. This kind of Dad lets you have more than one cheat day (without the guilt). It’s time to treat your Dad with the indulgent flavours of our Chill Out line. These brews are designed to fill your cravings without the calories. It’s the perfect way to start that new gym routine he’s been talking about!

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