The Ultimate Halloween Night In Guide with OFFBLAK

Mystery & Chill 


Feel like solving a murder mystery this Halloween? Why not watch Clue with our Mystery & Chill Gift Set!

Spooky Time 

Let’s get spooky this Halloween! What better way to get our spook on, than going to the land of the dead, with Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride and a cup of Spooky Time tea!

Got Trick or Treats? 

You’re never too old to Trick or Treat! Why don’t you treat (or trick) yourself with our Got Trick or Treats? gift set! *side note* beware of the Monster House whilst trick or treating!  

Get Bewitched

Double, Double, toil and trouble! Fire burn and cauldron bubble, whilst brewing your Get Bewitched gift set! Get your witch on this Halloween with Hocus Pocus.

Feeling Eerie

Help break the curse this Halloween at the Haunted Mansion! Our Feeling Eerie gift set will transport you to this spooky scene, whenever and wherever you are!

For the love of Potions 

Why not join Harry Potter and the gang during their potions class this Halloween? Our For the Love of Potions gift set is Professor Snape APPROVED. 

Survive the Chill 

If there's something strange, in your teacup, who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! Survive the Chill with our Halloween gift set. I ain’t ‘fraid of no tea-ghosts!

Colour Me Scary 

You find an old key in your cupboard that unlocks a portal to a parallel universe, but everyone has buttons instead of eyes? Oh well, at least you have your Colour Me Scary tea! 

Chilled AF 

You have to say the tea sets name three times for it to appear! Chilled AF, Chilled AF, Chilled AF… Wait, did we get that wrong? Get Chilled AF with Beetlejuice this Halloween!  



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