Friendship is just one of those things that we take for granted. When somebody loves us, we do not hold them at the top of the priority list, we get so easily caught up in what we have going on in our own lives. International Friendship Day is a chance to show your bosom buddy how much they mean to you - so you had better make it special! Luckily, we are releasing our top 5 list of ways to celebrate, lucky duckling aren’t you?

1. Tart Yourselves Up, It’s Date Night

Do you remember seeing that insanely gorgeous cafe on Instagram? Or maybe you remember seeing a new vegan burger place from an Influencer’s story? Whatever it is you choose, make sure it is food for your bestie’s soul. Book the restaurant in advance and let them know you are celebrating something special, you deserve some special treatment! If you can’t book, then make sure you go on a night when it is not too busy.

Let your bud know that you have something in mind and what day and time, but do not tell them which one it is. Now, it is time for you to get creative: make a small quiz using moments from your friendship for them to be able to guess the venue! They will definitely appreciate the effort.

Either pick up your bestie and take them to the dinner spot or ask them to meet you somewhere nearby. In the meantime, you could play the guessing game you created with them. Ideally, by the time you arrive, they should have been able to guess it. Finish off the meal with a yummy dessert to share!

2. Get In The Car Loser, We’re Going Shopping

Your friend has been way too busy lately, working too hard and getting no sleep. Tell them to take the day off and take them out. They deserve to treat themselves! The benefit You get to treat yourself too. Maybe you take them for a haircut or for a pedicure (who doesn’t love the free head and foot massage that comes with these things)? Finish it off with buying them a new outfit and then chowing down some gorgeous fast food in the food hall. Yas! Alternatively, if you are flatmates, take a day trip to Ikea to up your feng shui game - plus the meatballs and cinnamon buns there are an added benefit.

3. Bar Hopping? Please, More Like Beer Yoga

Forget Bar Hopping, if you want to show your friend how much you love them, give them for this quirky experiential git - book a session of Beer Yoga, hosted by Funding UK in a traditional English Pub - it is 12 GBP each for a one-hour class. Including a matt and a beer! Beer Yoga is said to be beneficial because it allows people to relax, as beginners tend to be very tense at their first yoga class. The joy of drinking beer complements the mindfulness of yoga, to allow for extra relaxation, which means you get more out of your yoga session! Why not, right?

4. Exploring the City, Broad City Style

Even though Abbi and Ilana are no longer galavanting around New York City, that does not mean that you are not privileged to do the same in London!! Have a city trip: let the city guide you rather than you having a plan, Enjoy an adventure of spontaneity and do whatever activity comes up to your mind. Pass by Camden Town, why not get that piercing you both have been saving pictures of, on Instagram? Passing through Bethnal Green? Why not scavenge through the second-hand store for some vintage pieces? The world is your oyster, just make sure you got some cash on you!

5. Saying Something Stupid Like I Love You (With A Gift)

If you cannot physically say it or do not have time for a best friend extravaganza, then say it with a gift. Order some Chill Out tea now to your friend’s house, so you can always have a good drink with which to Chill Out when you are hanging out while lounging at home.




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