For some people, Valentine's Day is the greatest time of the year, but for others it is the most stressful day that any single or emotional person can go through. Nothing an Offblak tea can’t fix! Want to find out which Offblak Tea Gift set to buy, based on what type of person are you on Valentine's Day?

Take the quiz and find out now!

How are you spending your Valentine's Day?

  1. At a romantic restaurant
  2. At home alone
  3. Making a home cooked meal 
  4. Anywhere there’s chocolate!

Who are you spending Valentine’s Day with?

  1. My Significant other
  2. Myself
  3. My best friend
  4. Someone sweet

What is your ideal Valentines Day meal?

  1. A decadent pasta
  2. Chinese takeaway
  3. Pizza
  4. Skip meal & straight to dessert! 

Pick a theme song for the evening

  1. “Can’t help falling in love” Elvis Presley
  2. “Thank u, next” Ariana Grande
  3. “Endless love” Lionel Ritchie and Diana Ross 
  4. “Best I ever had” Drake

What is the most important Valentine’s gift?

  1. Flowers
  2. Nothing, I’m single
  3. A thoughtful card
  4. Chocolate!

What does Valentine's day mean to you? 

  1. A day for love
  2. A day of drinking 
  3. Any other Friday
  4. A day for chocolate!

Pick your favourite romantic movie

  1. The Notebook
  2. Titanic
  3. Ghost
  4. Sleepless in Seattle

You answered mostly A’s: Colour me Fruity


You are a hopeless romantic! For you, life = love! We know you're Wild At Heart. It's gonna be chocolates, roses, and a lot of Squeeze Me’s for you this Valentine's Day! It's gonna be a very special day where you'll celebrate your love, and Sleep Breezy😉! 

You answered mostly B’s: Survive the Cold


You'll be your own Valentine! You know that you're way too cute to be just anyone's Valentine, so you'll be spending the day with the person you love the most – You! snuggle up under your cosiest blanket with Brighten Up, Squeeze Me, or You’re Golden!

You answered mostly C’s: Detox and Chill


You are a chilled Valentine! You don’t have high expectations for Valentines day, and are happy to have a cosy night in with your significant other, or by yourself! Treat yo’self! Put on a face mask and your favourite Rom Com. Enjoy that detoxing chill time with Offblak’s Detox and Chill tea gift set!

You answered mostly D’s: Got Dessert? 


You are a chocoholic! Chocolate doesn't have its own holiday -  so this is as good of one as any! Chocolate is your one true love, so why not pair it perfectly with Offblak’s delicious Just Dessert tea gift set! Surround yourself with teas that look and taste indulgent, without the calories. 

No calories, no problem!



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