Are you feeling that after-festival exhaustion? You know that feeling when you are satisfied with all the partying but so tired you just want to sleep for like a month? Same. We got the goods to get you back on track. Read on.

Drink your Greens

Get blend-blend-blending! Destroy a green and berry smoothie for breakfast. When we are tired, our immune system is compromised. What’s more, when we are out partying, we usually indulge in unhealthy food and drinks. Drink that smoothie - let the antioxidants clean out your body as well as keep your immune system strong. What’s more, our bodies spend less time digesting liquid forms of food, so this even allows us to save up some energy! It’s just like when you put your phone on night mode, haha.

Brunch it Up

Whether you brunch at home or at a restaurant, we should opt for a dish that is filled with protein and healthy fats - eggs on avocado sourdough toast or hummus toast with sliced avocado are good choices. These types of food provide sustainable energy throughout the day, so we feel less tired. As much as we may be craving them, we should avoid foods too high in carbohydrates and sugars, they make us crave energy sooner and may even give us a post-sugar crash. Yuck.

Cardio not Carbio, Fool

Have you ever heard that the only cure for jetlag is going for a workout? It’s true. This is the best thing to do whenever you feel tired or lethargic (with the exception of when you are actually sick, of course). Running releases endorphins which boost your energy for many hours after you have done so. It’s a win-win situation! Go on, strap on those running shoes.

Shut Those Eyes Early Tonight

Stop it. Whatever you do, do not start playing on your phone when you get into bed. Many people do not know this, but laying in bed and doing something else does not count to our 8 hours sleep. Get into bed a couple of hours earlier from when you typically would and turn off the light. Put an alarm for 8 hours from then and make sure to wake up at that time. Getting more sleep can actually change our perception of fatigue and make us feel more tired - ironic, we know! But hey, most things in life are quite contradictory when you think about it.

Keep Yourself Company

While it may sound incredible lonely compared to the weekend you just spent with your mates, it’s actually so good. By ignoring the outside circumstances we can check in with ourselves and start creating a plan to do all those things we wanted. Productivity is the best way to recover from a crazy fun weekend and kickstart your routine. Brew a cup of Fully Charged tea to get that caffeine boost and start putting yourself back in gear! Next week is going to be awesome, we promise.





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