Congrats - You made it through the week! As we practice social distancing and navigate through these changes together, it's important to do our best to have a positive mindset, stay calm and try to enjoy this time to rest and do things you never have time to do! 

We are currently dealing with something we’ve never dealt with before,  so allow yourself time to adjust to the new norm and don’t put any pressure on yourself. It’s normal to feel anxious at this time.

Our Caff Free teas are made from herbs and fruits for a truly delicious no caffeine experience. They are especially great for this uncertain time, to help you keep stress down, which can be harmful for the immune system, and help you sleep soundly.

Uncertainty is not a good feeling, so we’re walking you through simple ways to sleep and de-stress at this time of uncertainty, Offblak style.


First things first, let’s unwind with your choice of Caff Free tea, while playing our Caff Free playlist

Creating an ideal playlist to help you drift off to sleep is one of the best additions you can make to your current bedtime routine. And since sleep helps combat ageing, improves skin health, and keeps your mind sharp, it’s time to look at the power of music through a whole new light.

We’ve curated a playlist of sleep-inducing songs that will help put you into a state of relaxation, which can be just what you need to welcome sleep easily.

Alright, tea is brewing, time to slip into your coziest robe and slather on a face mask

You have your nighttime skincare routine down, your skin is glowing, and now you have your favourite fluffy robe to slide into after your bath for a blissful sleep—the stylish way. Cute pyjamas are by no means an “essential” or an item you can’t live without, but hey, let's face it, we haven't got anywhere to go, so why not catch some z’s in something fancy!

While your mask is setting, prep your bathtub for a relaxing soak

A bath is a great way to unwind and just connect to yourself.

There are some serious benefits of taking a bath! It is a well known fact that baths will help you sleep better. When you deeply relax in a warm bath your body temperature rises, but when you exit the bath your body rapidly cools down, promoting the production and release of melatonin.

Baths are especially important during the current climate as they are anti-inflammatory and immune boostingIt opens up blood vessels in the circulatory system and in your nasal passages, helping to relieve congestion and even headaches and muscle tension. So, throw in your favourite bubble bath, bath salts, and lather yourself in your favourite body wash. You can create a deeply relaxing and healing wellness experience right in your bathroom. Ah, feeling relaxed already? 



Meditation is wonderfully effective in bringing you into the present moment by focusing on the breath, allowing thoughts to come and go, while continually keeping the attention on your breathing. It calms the mind and the emotional body when you’re triggered or anxious.

Don’t forget to breathe! Focusing on our breath is the easiest and most accessible way to gain perspective into the present, and drive a little more oxygen into our brains.


Climb straight into bed and wait for the magic to happen..

Be sure to lather your body with nourishing lotion and jump back into your robe. Drift into a peaceful sleep while listening to our Caff Free: Relax & Sleep playlist


    Checking in, Offblak family. How are YOU doing and feeling? Please comment on Instagram, we want to hear from you. 





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