As you know, today we start our monthly unboxing competition! The best submission wins free tea every month. Because we want you to win, we created this 10 step blog post so you can win. Can you say #lifehack?

  1. Go to and order your tea.
  2. Wait for it to arrive through your mailbox.
  3. Find a nice or clean background where you want to shoot your photo. It can be indoors or outdoors! Make sure the lighting is bomb.
  4. Get creative! Search for some cool props, like a see-through mug, or some tiny, little 90’s style sunglasses and a neon jumper?
  5. Grab a phone or camera that snaps high-quality pics. Remember, this is for the ‘gram!
  6. Decide if you want to pose with your tea packs or delivery box, or snap them on their own. If you want to release your inner Cara Delevingne, find a friend or family member who is willing to shoot you.
  7. Lights, camera, action! Strike some super-edgy poses with some quirky backgrounds.
  8. Put on some music that gets the creative juices flowing.
  9. Scroll through the pictures and narrow it down to your best shots - ask someone’s advice if you are unsure which picture to choose.
  10. Post it! Don’t forget to tag @offblak #offblak #unboxing - good luck!




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