Whether you are going on a lush vacay extravaganza to Bali or are just going for a low-key weekend getaway, Offblak is the ultimate travel companion and we will give you 5 reasons why.

1| Can I offer anyone some tea or coffee?

You know that feeling when you wear your summer clothes to the airport but then you suddenly regret it because the plan is, for some reason, -1000 degrees? When you ask for a blanket they have either ran out of they are flat and static-y! Finally, the air hostess offers you some over-brewed black tea which could not be blander if they tried. Guess what? Your problems are now solved. Throw a couple of sachets from our Fully Charged range in your bag - when you are on the flight, simply ask for a cup of boiled water and add your tea bag for an instant first-class upgrade!

2| Let me take a selfie

Picture this. You are on vacation and you see an awesome view but it’s missing something. Perhaps a super artsy and colourful tea pack? Pull it out of your beach bag and snap a selfie - what’s more, if you upload it to Instagram, you could win free tea. Our Taster Packs have an iridescent feature, which looks particularly stunning in the outdoor sunlight.

3| Refresh yourself

Are you laying by the pool, dreaming of an iced drink to cool yourself off? Pull out your tea from your beach bag, because that is how extra you are, and ask the gorgeous wait staff to brew you an iced cuppa. Don’t worry, you can give them a nice tip for putting up with your extra-ness. We would recommend you drinking any tea from our Caff Free range over ice and by the pool because nothing feels nicer than a nap on the sunbed - plus you can work on your tan!

4| Frankie said relax

Sometimes even when we are on vacation, we can find it harder to relax. This is because our mind has time to think about all those things we have been avoiding, or sometimes it can be a case of overthinking things. Grab a Chill Out tea from your luggage and sip a cup in the afternoon when you go back to the hotel for some downtime.

5| Un-Hang your Hangover

Did you know that tea can help cure a hangover? Chamomile tea helps the body sleep, which is a must to cure any hangover. Moreover, green tea helps protect the liver from the damaging effects of alcohol. So go on, have a cup of one of our Glow teas when you go out for brunch to prepare your body for all those nights out, tiger.











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