If you have heard of Offblak, then you have definitely seen our Win Free Tea for a Year campaign. We have compiled a few FAQs here for you to help you win!


How do I get my free sample?

Once you have signed up to ‘Get Free Tea’, all you have to do is wait until the campaign ends in April 2019. You will receive an email from us with the next steps you need to take to get your free samples!

Is there a postal charge?

Nope, we cover all the costs - the sample is completely free!


How do I refer friends and earn points?

First, you must sign up to ‘Get Free Tea’ through our website. All we ask you is for your First Name, Last Name, and email address. You will then be prompted to share your referral link across Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and Email. You can even copy your unique link and send it to your friends however else you like.

When you come back to refer more friends, the ‘Get Free Tea’ button will now become ‘Refer Your Friends’. Click on this to check your rank and be prompted to share your unique link again across Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and Email, or copy paste it. Each time your friend signs up through your unique link, it counts as a successful referral!

I have reached the top 100. How do I stay there?

Each time someone new signs up for the leaderboard, your ranking will not be affected unless they surpass you in the number of successful referrals, in which case you will fall in the ranking. The system does not work on a limited number of successful referrals, so if people are passing you in the ranks, you have to keep referring until April to keep your place! 


When and how are the winners going to be announced?

The competition started on the 20th February 2019 and will end in April 2019. At the end of the final day, you will not be able to refer anyone anymore but you will still be able to check your ranking on the leaderboard. After the end-date, we will be sending out emails in terms of next steps to receive your free samples, as well as emails to the top 100 winners!

Best of luck, Generation T!
The Offblak Team



  • Being a tea lover I cant wait to try your tea if I am lucky.

    john Castle on

  • I am tea lover. I really would like to try new tea.

    Joan Russell on

  • I’d love to sample your tea

    Gillian Mcgill on

  • looking forward to sharing my review with eveyone..mmm, sounds delicious1

    rachel hill on

  • a year of free tea ! sounds great good luck every one !

    wendy mulholland on

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