It’s almost impossible to start the new year without thinking about new beginnings. The beginning of January means different things to different people but, for the most part, it usually involves reflecting on the last year and assessing our health and well-being as well as our goals, dreams and aspirations for the year ahead. So many of us focus on what to cut out of our lives, rather than practising self-love and focusing on what you CAN add to your wellness routine! (hint: it’s tea!) to upgrade your mind and body. New Year, Same Brew, because we don't want to change you, just enhance your life with tea!

Not only can teas help satisfy your sweet cravings, especially our Chill Out tea bundle, which are perfect if you are looking for something to suppress your sweet tooth. But sipping regularly on the right teas can have a positive impact on your physical and emotional well-being. Read on to find out how OFFBLAK teas could help you achieve your wellness goals in 2021…

Fully Charged

Our Fully Charged teas are filled with high caffeine black teas that will give you the motivation to get through the day with a caffeine kick, especially now that working at home makes you feel a new level of lazy! Our Fully Charged range is created from black tea, which is highly caffeinated, including Earl Grey and Rose, Masal Chai and Spicy orange and Ginger, to give you unstoppable superpowers whenever you need that boost. What are the benefits you ask? Black tea has 1/3 of the caffeine of an average espresso shot. This makes it a great way to decrease your caffeine intake while still supercharging yourself for the day ahead.


Our Glow teas are made with a base of hibiscus and green tea for a deliciously detoxifying experience. These are especially great now that we are spending more time at home as the ingredients are said to help keep our body and minds healthy and the immune system to work optimally. Our Glow range is created from ingredients with antioxidant properties such as hibiscus, berries, and more, which helps to get rid of the free radicals, also known as nasties, in your body. With flavours including, Peach and raspberry green tea, forest fruits and ginger and strawberry and pink pepper, the base of these teas, green and hibiscus, have medium and no caffeine respectively, which is a great way to still feel rejuvenated and fresh with less caffeine and more detox ingredients!

Chill Out

Our Chill Out teas are made with a base of green and black tea with the addition of sweet fruit, spices, herbs and cacao, for the ultimate chillout experience. They are especially great while you work from home so you can take restful and frequent tea breaks. Our Chill Out teas will not only leave you with chilled vibes, but are a tasty dessert alternative (a treat without the calories!). With flavours including red berries and cinnamon, chocolate and mint and orange and jasmine, these teas have all the flavour without the calories! So you can enjoy guilt-free anytime of any day. Our Chill Out range is created from intense flavours without the nasties to make you feel like you are rewarding yourself for the ultimate chill out experience.

Caff Free

Our Caff Free teas are made out of herbs and fruits for a truly delicious no caffeine experience. They are especially great for this uncertain time, to help you keep stress down, which can be harmful for the immune system, and help you sleep soundly. Our caffeine free based teas, Chamomile and peach, blueberry and mint and cranberry and cinnamon make an excellent alternative to black or green tea! Making our Caff Free teas perfect for your night time routine.

Let’s not forget that happiness truly is in the small pleasures! So why not pop the kettle on and take some well-deserved “me time”. Once you start reaping the benefits of positivi-tea, it’ll be one resolution you’ll want to keep! Make sure to celebrate the small joys in life this year with your favourite cup of OFFBLAK tea!




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