At OFFBLAK, we're always looking for fresh and exciting ways for you to enjoy our brews. Try our newest recipe, designed with you in mind and featuring one of our favorite teas!


London Bliss 

Sweet Bliss Tea with orange and cranberry juice.....feels like a trip down memory lane 


135 ml, Brighten Up Tea 

60 ml, Cranberry Juice 

90 ml, Orange juice- pulpy 

15 ml, Calamansi syrup (or sour mix) 

30-45 ml sugar syrup 

Lemon to garnish 



  1. Put ice, cranberry juice, sour mix, lemon juice, and sugar syrup in a shaker with ice.  Shake well 
  2. Pour the cranberry juice over the prepared drink 
  3. Add garnish then serve


NOTE: Share this recipe with a friend for extra enjoyment!




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