Today, we will be talking about
Nicely Spicy!


Fact 1: Design & Name

Where does it get its name from?

The winning combo of caffeine free Roobois tea with the spicy flavour of cinnamon, will help you join the abyss of relaxation when you brew this tea and smell its aroma. The cranberry and cinnamon complement and offset each other to create a sweetness and spice, as opposed to a bitter spice, hence the name Nicely Spicy

What is the meaning behind the design?

Our red bust is of a woman who has gone from feeling normal to overwhelmingly excited, even buzzing, much like our tea makes you feel! The colour red depicts the delicious ingredients of the tea, red cranberries and cinnamon.


Fact 2: Flavour & Feeling

What are the ingredients?

With ingredients including Roobois Tea, Apple Pieces, Cinnamon, Hibiscus, Cranberry, and No.B.S, for a truly delicious no caffeine experience!

Why does it feel like vacation mode: ON?

The word "spicy" plays on the idea of doing something exotic, like having a massage or doing some aromatherapy to zen out, or even going on an exotic vacation. Join the abyss of relaxation when you brew this tea and smell its aroma - you will practically be gaining annual leave! Smart, eh?


Fact 3: Action & Mood

How does it make me relax?

Our Nicely Spicy tea is part of our CAFF FREE range. Our CAFF FREE range is created from caffeine free based teas, including Roobois and Chamomile. Because Rooibos tea is naturally caffeine-free, it's an excellent alternative to black or green tea! Making CAFF FREE teas perfect for your night time routine.

What are the Benefits?

Nicely Spicy is created from ingredients with antioxidant properties such as Roobois, cranberries, cinnamon, and more which helps to get rid of the free radicals, also known as nasties, in your body. What's more, the naturally caff free Roobois is both healthy and nutritious!




Fact 4: The Perfect Brew


For your ideal brew, pour 100℃ Water temp. into your fave cup and brew for 5+ MINS. Better yet, pour it over ice for a healthy and natural alternative to peach iced tea!

Throw your tea pack and teabag in your recycling bin and send your used aluminium sachets back to us to be recycled!


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