In celebration of launching our subscription service, we wanted to re-introduce how our brand came to be and have partnered with Cohorted to give YOU free samples!


The idea of Offblak was born from our mission: to make tea cool again.
Just think about it. When you crave a cup of tea, do you actually feel like any existing brand fulfilled all of your desires? No, we don't mean they are going to grant you wishes, they aren't genies. But do they fulfil all the essential elements you look for in a product? Taste, packaging, style, and substance? We couldn't find one brand of tea that had all these things. They were either super "healthy" and boring, or cool packaging but full of sugar.
So began our adventure of coming up with the perfect tea. More specifically, to develop our best 12 flavours. And they would be anything but just black tea. A tea that people would be proud to put on the gram, rather than in the cupboard. Whose help did we seek, you might ask? Well, yours of course.


Generation T, the segment of individuals who are either Millennials or Generation Z and have a passion for all things style and substance. Our first stop was to visit Thomas Hedger, a creative Millennial, who was the mastermind behind our cool illustrations. After our packaging was perfected by our agency &Smith, we took to East London.
We had narrowed down our flavours to our 20 best and gave them to you to put them to the test. Our target audience chose our top 12. We even also improved those top flavours to make them even better.
Our customers also expressed to us that they wanted a choice that they couldn't find anywhere else. With the click of a button, they would be able to order their tea online, as they spend most of their time there. Thus, our subscription service was born, and finally, it's here for you to enjoy. You asked, and we surely delivered (no pun intended).


Discover 12 uniquely flavoured teas for any mood and fall in love like never before. Introducing, the T-Club. 
As easy as 1, 2, 3.


We are not just tea, we are a lifestyle tea brand that is re-writing the rules of tea. Since you are style-obsessed with a taste for premium, we decided to partner with Cohorted. Find us in their October box and don't forget to snap a pic! Moreover, we are giving you an exclusive £5 OFF their first Discovery Trial order with code: COHORTEA. Offer only valid for new subscription members. One-time use only. Valid until 29/02/2020.
Let's get T-shopping!



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