Get Summer Ready with OFFBLAK x Mindful Chef.

Let’s talk summer. Are you ready to get into that summertime state of mind? We’ve got just the fix to get you prepped.

We’ve teamed up with Mindful Chef to bring you some mouth-watering recipes that’ll give fellow foodies on the ‘gram a run for their money. Read on as we walk you through our summer of food and tea look-book.

1.| Go-Getter Grub

Image: Mindful Chef

Mindful Chef’s ‘zingy salmon, heritage tomatoes & mangetout’ + Future Is Pink (Earl Grey & Rose Black Tea)

Looking for that high energy, filling and overall feel-good meal? The combo above is definitely worth a screenshot.

Don’t get us wrong, it may not be the first thing you’d think to pair, but it’s surprisingly a good match. In fact, there are recipes with salmon and earl grey - wonder how they discovered that combo...

Get ready to experience an explosion of flavours with this unique pairing, one you’d definitely need to give a go!

2.| Spicely Does It

Mindful Chef - Chicken arrabiata with courgette tagliatelli - recipeImage: Mindful Chef

Mindful Chefs’ ‘Chicken arrabbiata with courgette tagliatelle + Nicely Spicy (Cranberry and Cinnamon Herbal Tea)

Bite into this healthy and hearty Italian meal with a side order of a spicy brew - just how we like it. The combo of spices in the tea and meal itself, complement each other perfectly. Dinner for one? Yes, please!

Slip into relaxation mode with one sip and let the aromatic flavours do the trick.

3.| Grab A Peach Of Sweet Bliss

Image: Mindful Chef

Pecan, peach & avocado chickpea salad + Sweet Bliss (Red Berries & Cinnamon Black Tea)

Calling all vegans! This will become your new fave duo for summer - want to know why? Because it’s healthy, light and it only takes 15 minutes to make. Yes, you read that right.

Swap your sweet tooth cravings with our Sweet Bliss tea. Imagine sipping tea that tastes just as good as eating a slice of red berry tart without the calories? That sounds sweet, literally.

Check out our full range of gorgeous teas here.


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  • We absolutely love Mindful Chef!
    Every day we looking forward to healthy and delicious meal that are fun and easy to prep! With every meal we are wiser with flavours and textures. Thanks for introducing the OffBlak!

    IZABELA on

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