For our first spotlight of the month, we're looking at this gorgeous single mama run jewelry shop.  Shop Gwynfor fuses opulence with childhood nostalgia, and every piece is designed by Alaw  Glesni-Griffiths. Her boss-babe spirit and unique artistry have made us obsessed with Gwynfor.
or our first spotlight of the month, we're looking at this single mama run jewelry shop. Alaw fuses opulence with childhood nostalgia, and her boss-babe spirit and unique artistry have made us obsessed with Shop Gwynfor.
1) What lead you to start your business?

I began my business in April of 2020 when I felt that I needed do something that was just for me after having my son, it started by posting some bracelets I’d made on Instagram and it kind of took on a life of it’s own.  



2) What has been the biggest challenge in building your business? 

Juggling being a single parent, a full time student and Shop Gwynfor at once has been a huge challenge, at times it felt like one wrong move and I’d drop the ball on one of them but now that uni is over I can look back at that time and know that it’s exactly what I needed at the time. One of the reasons for this is that the research I did for my dissertation was reflected back into the way I viewed the shop and developed my following & products. 


3) What has inspired you to hand make all your pieces? 

I’ve always loved collecting vintage beads so when I had the urge to start making again it felt natural to go down that route. Hand making things just gives everything more of a personal touch and I love knowing that every time I see someone wearing one of my pieces I made it myself. There’s a really cool feeling knowing that the things you’re wearing are unique and handmade, I wanted to pass that feeling on to each one of my customers. 


4) How would you describe your brand’s style? 

 Punchy, kitschy, tacky – in the best way! 

Gwynfor is all about opulence, more is always more and I want to facilitate that by creating a brand that is all about high quality, kidcore-esque jewellery! 


5) How do you want your pieces to make people feel? 

 I hope my pieces make people feel playful & beautiful & bold!


6) What is the best piece of advice you have for aspiring artists and entrepreneurs right now? 

Just do it! There will never be a “right time”, if you worry too much or get caught up in worrying about the things that could go wrong you’ll never get anything done! You’’ll face challenges but that’s a part of the journey. 


7) What role models have inspired you throughout this journey? 

Watching all of the other female led small businesses succeed around me has been a huge inspiration to me, the way that they are always uplifting and supporting one another is amazing. The community that I am a part of both online and off is the best inspiration I could have asked for. 


8) Do you drink tea? What part does tea play in your day (i.e. what is your tea ritual)? 

I’ve always been a fan of fruity teas, they’re what I drink through all nighters, deadlines & downtime! I make myself a brew every time I have a long day of orders in front of me (peach & raspberry is my all time fave- always hot). I feel like the process of starting the day with a tea is while I write up my to do lists is a great way of preparing for whatever the day has. Being a single parent to a toddler means that no two days are ever the same, so keeping this ritual is one way of maintaining some form of normality and self care throughout the day. 



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