Whether your mum is a Kris Jenner or more of a Lorelai, we have the perfect present for her. Take this short quiz to find out what Offblak tea you should buy your mum for Mother’s Day - cheers!

For the following 10 questions, note down the response that best represents your mum:

1 | On a scale of  0 - 100, how busy is your mum?

A. 100

B. 60

C. 90

D. 80

2 | When she has some free time, where would you find her?

A. Having a girls lunch at a resto-bar

B. Sitting in her favourite cafe

C. Working with charities

D. Researching health trends

3 | How would you describe your mum’s taste?

A. Expensive and glamorous

B. Comfortable and chic

C. Elegant and minimal

D. Clean and sharp

4 | Which best describes your mum’s personality?

A. Sharp and  savvy

B. Warm and funny

C. Down-to-earth but serious

D. Sweet and sophisticated

5 | She would rather...:

A. Have a pilates sesh in the pool

B. Watch a comedy show

C. Brainstorm a screenplay

D. Write a cookbook

6 | How would you describe her parenting style?

A. Micro-manager

B. A best friend

C. Open-minded

D. Concerned

7 | What colours does she mostly wear?

A. Monochrome

B. Browns and blues

C. Black and more black

D. Nudes and blush tones

8 | You would mostly find her wearing a…:

A. Tailored suit

B. T-shirt and jeans

C. Black anything

D. Yoga pants

9 | Her favourite season is:

A. Spring

B. Autumn

C. Winter

D. Summer

10 | At a restaurant, she is most likely to order :

A. Caesar’s salad

B. Burger and fries

C. Fish with a vegetable medley

D. Kale and quinoa salad


Take a look at your notes and see which letter came up the most. Now, comes the moment of truth...


Your mum (or ‘momager’) is always on the go. She is jumping from meetings about her clients, to photo shoots, to talk shows. She is a busy woman, to say the least. Nevertheless, her family is her number one priority.

What to do for Mother’s day: She loves when you take her out for lunch. Book her favourite place and get the whole bottle of Pinot Grigio that she loves. Top it off with a toast in honour of her.

What to buy her: Any tea from Offblak’s Fully Charged range will help her feel energised throughout her back-to-back schedule. She would also love a pair of earrings that make her feel fierce all day.


Laid-back but never dull, your mum is like your best friend. You can always count on her for a coffee or for a movie marathon. She can pick you up whenever you are down and she treats you like an adult.

What to do for Mother’s day: She loves when you come to her for support. Ask her for advice, then treat her to her favourite takeout and a movie. Don’t forget her favourite dessert!

What to buy her: Order some tea from Offblak’s Chill Out range, so she can keep being the cool mum she is. Also, make some matching friendship bracelets, she is a Boho queen after all.



Your mum wants to do it all and she is not afraid of what people think. While her interests started in the movie scene, her philanthropic side seems to take over. When she is not looking after you, she is looking after underprivileged children. All the money she makes she likes to give back to her family and the community.

What to do for Mother’s day: Your mum wants to make the world a better place for you. Open up by telling her your dreams and aspirations, over a home-cooked dinner that you made especially for her. After dinner, you can go to a homeless shelter and donate some dinner to the hungry!

What to buy her: Your mum would love a pair of shoes that she can take with her anywhere she goes, whether she is travelling or working. Pair this with Offblak tea from our Glow range, because after all, she needs to take more care of herself.


Not only is she a super-mum but she must have super-powers. No woman can have a full-time job, children and still be that healthy! She seems to find more hours in the day than anyone else in the world because she also takes amazing care of you. Concerned about both your and her health, you will find her trying out the latest exercises and discovering nutritionally-dense food.  

What to do for Mother’s day: Grab your mum and speed-walk to your nearest Farmer’s Market. Let her pick out her favourite produce and then go home to prepare a celebratory brunch! For dessert, surprise her with an exotic fruit salad. Make sure to eat dinner outside - after all, it is her favourite place to be!

What to buy her: Get her a generous gift-card, so she can shop at her favourite sportswear brand. To go with this, get her Offblak tea from the Caff Free range - your mum is completely against stimulants but she is a sucker for a delicious tea.


Your mum is simply the best - a wild card, your mum loves to take life in her stride. She is a jack of all trades and a rockstar mum. The most important thing about her is how much she loves you.

What to do for Mother’s day: Book a surprise trip - grab some train tickets and run off to another city for the weekend, your mum loves to explore new places!

What to get her: While on your trip, pick her up a souvenir so she can always remember this. Since she loves exploring, order her the Offblak Discovery Set so she can not only discover another city but explore new types of teas - she will love it.









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