Say it with Our LIMITED EDITION Women’s Tea Hamper! 

We put this limited edition and exclusive hamper together to celebrate YOU and other awesome women in your life! Here is a definitive guide of the best pamper-products that got the gold-star seal of approval from our team! You might as well call it self-care 101!

When you’re working hard you need to treat yourself harderand that’s the tea! 


OFFBLAK, Future Is Pink, Earl Grey & Rose Tea:

Our iconic Earl Grey & Rose Flavour Black Tea was made with you in mind. We wanted to create a blend that would pick you up, dust you off, and remind you of what you can do...femme style! This bled is naturally high in caffeine which makes it the perfect way to start your day and power you up. 


OFFBLAK, Nicely Spicy, Cranberry & Cinnamon Herbal Tea:

Brew this tea and turn relaxation mode on. One cup is full of the rest you deserve and the escape you desire. We recommend drinking this to the sound of tropical house music for a fully serene experience. 

Christalla’s Favourite: “this herbal infusion is the perfect balance of sweet and tangy - it has no caffeine so I can have it anytime of the day when I need to sit down and reset my mind and body”


OFFBLAK, It’s All Peachy, Raspberry & Peach Flavour Green Tea:

This Great Taste Award winning flavour is perfect for bringing out your inner glow. Build this into your everyday and watch it work for you. Raspberry and Peach are the duo you need to recharge and replenish your mind and body. We love this tea hot or iced, spiked, and even after yoga. 

OFFBLAK, Pink Reusable Tea Cup:

We even had the guys in the office using this one! Our reusable tea cup lets you take that boss babe energy with you wherever you go. It keeps your tea at the temperature you need so you can always enjoy your tea, your way!

Lucy’s Favourite: “I use my pink reusable tea cup everyday! It sits beside me while I work from home!”

Courtney Ahn x OFFBLAK Women’s Month Bespoke Illustration

The wonderful @courtneyahndesign, a one woman design and illustration studio, has created a timeless piece for you to frame. This keepsake is more than just great decor. It’s a reminder to put yourself first, and a new mantra for you and your girls: Future is Pink!

We decided to add some goodies to enhance your tea drinking experience and give you some inspiration to set more self-care rituals, ladies!

Woowoo Girls Do It Too Tote Bag:

At OFFBLAK, we care about all aspects of female pleasure, and you should too. This one is for babes who get sh*t done and don’t use plastic bags! So take this WooWoo Tote with you on your next shopping trip to look cute and make some statements. It’s what we do!

Hydrea Body Brush:

Deep exfoliation should never be underestimated! Hydrea London’s detox body brush is carefully crafted with natural bristles and flexible rubber nodules for sensitivity and tension relief. Don’t limit your spa days and keep in mind that this brush can do the masseuse work whether you’re wet or dry. 

Miss Patisserie Salted Caramel Bath Slab

We added this to enhance your ‘me time’ and to remind you that your baths should shine the way you do. Infused with some ethically sourced mica dust, antioxidants and healthy fatty acids, and cocoa butter to hydrate and heal your body. Miss Patisserie has created a gift that looks like chocolate, smells like caramel, and melts into a vibrant pink and violet bath foam. 

Rhianna’s Favourite: “There is nothing better than soaking in a pink and violet coloured bubble bath, with your favourite book! What I love about this bath slab is that it takes your baths to the next level. Not only does it make bath time exciting, but it's full of antioxidants and cocoa butter, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth!

Flamingo Candles Vanilla & Ylang Ylang:

We love it when brands aim to inspire and smell good! That’s why we turn to Flamingo when in need of some inner peace. This candle is hand-poured with a calming blend of vanilla, ylang ylang and lavender. Aromatherapy works best when it’s labeled with motivational quotes to keep in mind. Use this as a mood booster to nourish your go-getter attitude.

Dr. Botanicals Pomegranate Superfood Rejuvenating Sleep Mask & Cleansing Bar:

Skincare does not get more indulgent than this. The Dr. Botanicals Sleep Mask features an antioxidant rich blend of natural actives, with nourishing pomegranate. Start brightening without the burn and watch the rejuvenating sleep mask give you healthier-looking skin overnight. Pair this with the Strawberry and Poppy Seed cleansing bar to create a routine that you truly deserve. With a better night’s sleep, you have more power to take on the day with those boss babe vibes.

Simona’s Favourite: “This mask is the only thing I trust to revive my mood and complexion. Working this combo into my skincare routine makes me feel more confident and calm everyday!”



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