Today, we will be talking about
Sleep Breezy!
Fact 1: Design & Name

Where does it get its name from? 

Since chamomile is known for better sleep, and Chamomile and Peach work together in the dreamiest way to help you unwind! We've played on the word "breeze" from freshness and "ease" from how the Chamomile helps you sleep, to give you Sleep Breezy!

What is the meaning behind the design? 

Our still life bust has an eye mask on, showing how his state has gone from awake, to asleep! A design that brings the effects of Sleep Breezy to life!


Fact 2: Flavour & Feeling

What are the ingredients?

 With ingredients including Chamomile, Lemongrass, Rosehip, Apple Pieces, Blackberry Leaves, and No.B.S, for a truly delicious no caffeine experience!

Why does it feel like a relaxing day at the spa? 

Sleep Breezy feels like: 'a relaxing day at the spa" because our tea will make you feel that post-massage feeling where you need to stop yourself from drifting off to sleep - except you don't need to stop yourself!


Fact 3: Action & Mood

How does it make me relax? 

Our Sleep Breezy tea is part of our CAFF FREE range. Our CAFF FREE range is created from caffeine free based teas, including Roobois and Chamomile. Because Chamomile tea is naturally caffeine-free, it's an excellent alternative to black or green tea! Making CAFF FREE teas perfect for your night time routine. 

What are the Benefits? 

Sleep Breezy is created from ingredients with sleep promoting, immunity boosting properties such as Chamomile! Whether you're overworked or suffering from a cold, brew a hot cup of Sleep Breezy, inhale its wonderful floral & fruity fragrance and then see your worries disappear as you sip this magical golden brew. What's more, the naturally caff free Chamomile is both healthy and nutritious! 



Fact 4: The Perfect Brew



For your ideal brew, pour 100 Water temp. into your fave cup and brew for 5+ MINS. Better yet, pour it over ice for a healthy and natural iced tea!

Throw your tea pack and teabag in your recycling bin and send your used aluminium sachets back to us to be recycled!


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