Today, we will be talking about
Squeeze Me!
Fact 1: Design & Name

Where does it get its name from? 

Squeeze Me gets it name from the idea of a squeeze, which reminds us of a citrus fruit, and the flavour of jasmine gives the idea of warmth and comfort, hence the overarching idea of giving a hug, or a squeeze!

What is the meaning behind the design? 

Our Chill Out character for our Squeeze Me tea is lying down, with his head perched up in thought, perhaps thinking about being squeezed! 


Fact 2: Flavour & Feeling


What are the ingredients?

 With ingredients including Green Tea, Lemongrass, Orange Peel, Orange Flowers, and No.B.S, for the ultimate chilled experience!

Why does it feel like soaking in a citrus scented bubble bath? 

The intense smell of orange and jasmine reminds of an essential oil, which are often used in bubble baths. The warmth of the tea also cradles your throat, similar to the warm embrace of hot water on your body when having a soak.


Fact 3: Action & Mood

How does it make me Chill Out? 

Our Squeeze Me tea is part of our CHILL OUT range. Our CHILL OUT teas will not only leave you with chilled vibes, but are a tasty dessert alternative. What’s more? It is a treat without the calories. Our CHILL OUT range is created from intense flavours without the nasties to make you feel like you are rewarding yourself for the ultimate chilled experience.

What are the Benefits? 

Squeeze Me is apart of our Chill Out range. These teas have all the flavour without the calories! So you can enjoy guilt-free anytime of any day.


Fact 4: The Perfect Brew


For your ideal brew, pour 80 Water temp. into your fave cup and brew for 2-3 MINS. Better yet, pour it over ice for a healthy and natural iced tea!

Throw your tea pack and teabag in your recycling bin and send your used aluminium sachets back to us to be recycled!

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