Looking for the perfect tea flavour to match your personality? Well look no further! Just like all of the astrological signs, all of our teas have their own personalities. We have perfectly paired all 12 of our teas with all 12 star signs, so you can find the best tea to fit your personality.  We aren’t going to spill the tea, but we're pretty sure you're going to love it!

Read on to find out which flavour of tea perfectly matches your personality! 

Air signs = Glow


Are you an air sign? Well you were born to glow baby! Air signs are the best for an escape from reality - a joyful detox in human form! 

Gemini + Brighten Up

Gemini’s Zodiac symbol is a twin - because of their duality & versatility, this sign best resembles Brighten Up. It has 2 active ingredients - forest fruits and ginger, that work together to get you glowing on the inside with the immunity boosting functions of ginger, and antioxidant properties of Forest fruits! 

Libra + It’s All Peachy

A real people pleaser! Librans are diplomatic, understanding, smart, social, gracious and artistic people. Just like Librans, It’s All Peachy, makes the world a more beautiful place! Librans can be seen as shapeshifters, as does It’s All Peachy - which can be enjoyed hot AND cold

Aquarius + Wild At Heart

Aquarius’ are Wild At Heart! You will always laugh when you are around an Aquarius as they have a wacky sense of humour. Aquarians love to inspire hope about the future, making changes and being the change you want to see in the world. Just like Wild At Heart, they are always on their own wave, following the beat of their own drum.


Water signs = Chill Out

Water signs are the perfect people to Chill Out with! 

Cancer + Just Dessert 

Cancerians are loyal, loving and extremely protective of themselves and others. Cancer’s will always be there for you, and comfort you, just like Just Dessert! They have big hearts and love hard.

Pisces + Squeeze Me

Pisceans are the zodiac’s dreamers and imagineers, highly sensitive, creative and intuitive. Just like the delicacy of this orange and jasmine flavoured green tea - their empathy and openness to others’ feelings, they can be very impressionable, changeable and sometimes overwhelmed. Pisces FEEL so deeply, and have the comforting nature of the fragrant green tea.

Scorpio + Sweet Bliss

Scorpios and Sweet Bliss have layers and levels, with Sweet bliss’s strong flavourings of Cinnamon and red berries, and a Scorpios fiercely loyal and protective nature of those they love. Scorpios usually get what they want in life, they are relentless and ambitious.

Earth signs = Caff Free

Due to their calming, down to earth nature, Earth signs are naturally Caff Free!

Taurus + Down Time

Taureans are calm and organised. A down to earth sign! Your taurus friend is who you would go to for some Down Time, they will always tell you how it is! They have the ability to make you see things clearly, just like mint and appreciate the good things in life, just like the blueberries. 

Virgo + Nicely Spicy

Virgos have a keen eye, a strong sense of judgment, an analytical perceptiveness and a curious intellect. Just like the strong flavours of this cranberry and cinnamon rooibos tea. Join the abyss of relaxation when you brew this tea and smell its aroma. A player you’d want on your team!

Capricorn + Sleep Breezy

Capricorns are reserved, patient, disciplined, strategic, determined. Just like Sleep Breezy, a Capricorn will always give you a shoulder to lean on! 


Fire signs = Fully Charged

Fire signs are just as fiery and spontaneous as our Fully Charged range!

Aries + You’re Golden

Aries are honest, spontaneous and open-hearted; there’s no subtlety or conniving sophistication with an Aries, they say it how they see it. Aries match perfectly with the winning combo of You’re Golden, the black tea with immunity champions orange and ginger, will power you up with a protective golden shield, Aries are exceptionally competitive; everything’s a challenge! Just like in a video game!

Leo + Future Is Pink

Leo’s love to lead, as does Future Is Pink - charges your day with its caffeine kick! Leos think big, and act bold - just like the future is pink target illustration = showing how you fuel yourself up and hit your target. 

Sagittarius + Spice It Up

An independent, freedom-loving rogue! Sagittarians love to Spice It up! Just like the ingredients in this black tea, Sagittarians are brutally honest, wear their heart on their sleeve, act before they think and will always help others if they can. The Explosive elements of spice it up allude to how this tea fuels you up and makes you unstoppable - just like a Sagittarian! 

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