We are happy to announce that we are now the FIRST CERTIFIED CARBON NEGATIVE TEA COMPANY and we want you to BREW TO NEGATIVE with us….



BREW TO CARBON NEGATIVE, MAKE EARTH POSITIVE, is the OFFBLAK journey towards achieving Carbon Negativity through holding ourselves accountable to improve processes to minimise carbon emissions and support projects to offset those emissions.

After having our carbon emissions calculated by government standards, we have purchased carbon credits for various certified projects that are close to our team’s hearts at the equivalent of our emissions with an extra 10% on top of that! We will be going more into depth about these projects, so stay tuned and follow along in our journey!

We want to do better, and this is a small step towards our goal as a company. On top of becoming Carbon Negative, we have started reviewing where the biggest percentages of our carbon emissions came from in 2020 and have already actioned steps to improve those inefficient processes.

To find out more on how Ecofye helped us at OFFBLAK to become carbon neutral, check out our case study here  


ZERO TO LANDFILL is OFFBLAK’s promise to create fully recyclable packaging and enforce schemes with the help of our community to ensure none of our packaging ends up in landfill.

As you may already be aware, we are dedicated to becoming 100% recyclable by 2022.  

As such, we have reduced the size of our tea packs, meaning we reduced the amount of cartons we use by 12% per pack - as such, there is 12% less packaging waste and 12% less cartons needed to be recycled per pack you buy! Did you need another excuse to buy more OFFBLAK tea? Leave a comment and let us know what you think of our new tea packs!

Currently, only 56% of aluminium packaging in the UK is recycled, which leaves much to be desired. At the beginning of 2020, we launched our Zero to Landfill campaign, adding envelopes to every order which would be filled with used tea sachets and sent back to us by our environmentally-conscious and supportive community. We ensure that our sachets are recycled, by sending them in bulk to specialist recycling facilities, as aluminium can only really be recycled in bulk. The result? We successfully collected 50,000 aluminium sachets from you. 

We are listening… to top off this campaign, we are moving to cornstarch based tea bags so you don't have to worry about anything when you brew a cup - just enjoy the experience.

Tea Road Ahead

We pay special attention to the ethical sourcing of ingredients and our packaging is recyclable. We believe in creating a sustainable experience that is good for all of us and for the planet. We are soon to become a certified B Corporation and the world-first Carbon Negative Tea company. Our ‘Zero To Landfill’ recycling campaign is actively addressing one of the biggest issues society faces - waste. We encourage and are encouraged by our community to always do better - and that is a tea promise.

We see endless opportunities to innovate and surprise, without compromising on the taste, health benefits, and sustainability.

In the meantime, don’t forget to recycle with us! Our delivery boxes are made from a sustainably sourced carton and are fully recyclable & FSC certified. Our tea packs are also made from the same material as our delivery box & also FSC certified. Simply place these in your recycling bin provided by your local council. Our tea sachets are made from widely recycled aluminium sachets with PP laminate, make sure to send your used sachets back to us using our free prepaid OFFBLAK recycling envelope to ensure they are properly recycled! 


We as a company are dedicated to do better for our planet. Stay tuned for more updates and support our journey to going green by giving us a follow! We will keep you updated with the projects we invest in, our status updates on improvements to our processes and much more. 





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