We’re here to find the best brew for you! Pour a cup of tea that enhances your mood and gets you the way we do! Try these teas iced for your hot girl summer days, and in a cocktail for your hot girl summer nights. Brew normally, for any ‘pick me ups’ you need.


CAFF FREE (Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

These brews are designed for the baddest in the game! These caffeine free teas mean you don’t need anything extra to make you the life of the party. Like this bundle, you’re shy at first but bold and freaky in private. You’ve been told you have a resting b*tch face and that you’re always overthinking. These teas will give you all the calm you need so you’re not reaching for the phone to text him! You’ve got the best sense of humor, it’s secretly dark and we love that! Pour an OFFBLAK Caff Free cup to assist your FBI level stalking, or when you’re hosting the girls to discuss the new motive.

Sleep Breezy: Taurus 


Nicely Spicey: Virgo 


Down Time: Capricorn


CHILL OUT (Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Like this bundle, you’re the sweetheart of the group, but you aren’t afraid to take your earrings off and defend the people you love. As independent as you are,  you can also be clingy and distant at the same time. You can make anything look good, you’re always looking like a snack. Sometimes you indulge in a little stalking to help your besties find out ALL the tea, and we’re here for it. Forgive but never forget...that’s what they say about you water signs. A cup of OFFBLAK Chill Out tea will wash away any hurt or stress. One sip of these indulgent flavours is all it takes!

Squeeze Me: Cancer


Just Dessert: Scorpio


Sweet Bliss: Pisces


FULLY CHARGED (Fire Signs: Aries, Sagittarius, Leo)

These black teas are designed to amplify your unmatched confidence. You want the best, which is why these brews are perfect for you! You’re always dressed to impress and these teas help you stay a 10/10. You've got a no filter attitude, and you can smell a lie from miles away. Consider yourself lucky if you’re friends with a fire sign. They don’t let anyone tell them what to do, and they’ll never let anyone take advantage of you. Never change fire signs! Have a cup of OFFBLAK Fully Charged tea to give you the power you need to stay 100% you.

Spice It Up: Aries


Future is Pink: Sagittarius 


You’re Golden: Leo



GLOW (Air Signs: Aquarius, Gemini, Libra)

This bundle is designed for our air sign queens! You roast your friends as a sign of affection, and you find it hard to fully open up. But you’re super ambitious and your style is uniquely YOU. Your friends are always asking, "where's that top from?" Sarcasm is your chosen weapon and you may sometimes feel like you need your alone time, curled up in bed with your favourite show. Air signs must be protected at all costs! These brews will keep you glowing, hot or iced. Who needs to charge crystals when  OFFBLAK Glow tea gives you the positive energy you need to seize the day! Set your affirmations in the morning after your first sip. 

It’s All Peachy: Aquarius 


Brighten Up: Gemini 


Wild At Heart: Libra


Tag us to let us know what your sign is and how each brew serves YOU!



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