We bet you didn’t know that dragon’s drink tea too! Offblak made their TV debut on April 1st, with our founders Dmitry and JC walking straight into BBC One’s Dragon’s Den. And oh boy...it was hot! 

It was a bit of a rough start where Mr. Suleyman had some trouble guessing what exactly Offblak is...



Our rounds of constructive criticism turned into a few brutal bouts of warning. We found ourselves in some hot water, with three dragons pulling out any interest in our tea. Until………

Peter Jones chose Offblak as his first investment of the season, giving us a great offer and a hugeeee win!

We walked away with a fresh new confidence and a Dragon that shares our vision of building a new generation of TEA!


And that’s the tea on dragon’s den! 



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Taste or excitement.
How about both. Are you in?