Which lockdown Ross are you ?


We’ve got just the lockdown tea bundles for you… 

Read on to find out which tea bundle matches your Ross mood! 

No, of course not! But I'm going to make fajitas until I am okay! Or drink tea… Enjoy a cup of tea from the Quarantine & Chill set, and enjoy a luxurious moment of self-care you can brew, at any time of any day!

You’ve been home for how long now? It’s time to try new things! Give yourself an at home mani-pedi, or get in the summer mood with a little self tan! But, DIY haircut tutorials - Don’t do it! But if you do… do it with a nice hot cup of tea from the Stay At Home bundle! Their immunity champion ingredients will protect you from the cold. 

Your schedule is out the window, you’ve been up all night learning new Tik Tok dances! What time is it? What day is it? We don’t know! But, what we do know is a good cup of Caff Free tea to help you get some sleepy time! Offblak’s What Day Is It? Tea bundle is your ultimate quality sleep companion! Sweet dreams.

Don’t have anywhere to go? Who cares! Get dolled up. Dress up for your daily walk! Show up to your ZOOM meeting feeling cute. It’s the level of self-care we deserve right now. With it’s warming flavours of Cinnamon and berries, Offblak’s Feeling cute, might delete later set will keep you feeling cute, whenever and wherever you are!

Another wild Saturday night staying at home. You’re doing amazing swee-tea! You haven’t left the house in how long? Cancelled holidays? No worries, Offblak’s Colour Me [I’m] Fine tea set will transport a summer-lover to an exotic moment with our fruity tea flavours!

Am I hungry? Or am I just bored? The quarantine snacks are endless! I’m sure we’ve all learnt some newly found baking skills. Looking for a tasty dessert alternative to satisfy that after dinner craving, or your afternoon slump? Surround yourself with teas that look and taste indulgent, without the calories. No calories, no problem!

DANGER! Ahh… Unagi! Stay back! Stand together, by not standing together. Offblak’s Stay 2m Away From Me gift set, is here for you whenever you need to hit the restart button. It will detox your socks off! Even though we’re apart, you’re in my heart!

Sick of people walking in the room during your ZOOM call? Or making too much noise during your work call. Believe us, we know the feeling. We’re all doing our Ross face at least once a day! Offblak’s For the Love of WFH set, is here to anti oxidize your body and caress your soul.

Missed out your Ross mood? Let us know in the Instagram comments! 

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