Today, we will be talking about
You're Golden!


Fact 1: Design & Name

Where does it get its name from? A play on the colour of the ingredients and that ginger is said to help defend the body, this tea makes you feel great again! This tea is perfect for those mornings you cannot get out of bed or feel a scratchy throat coming on.

What is the meaning behind the design? The You're Golden tea illustration is designed in a circle. In fact, all the teas in the FULLY CHARGED range are designed in a circle to display the concept of something expanding.The graphic plays with the idea of a liquid dropping and expanding - how the tea makes you feel larger than life! The colours are allude to the spice orange and ginger ingredients.


Fact 2: Flavour & Feeling

What are the ingredients? With ingredients including Black tea, ginger, cinnamon, clove buds, orange peel, lemongrass, orange flowers, No.B.S, we have the recipe to make you good to go!

Why does it feel like taking on the day with a shot of ginger? The winning combo of black tea with immunity champions orange and ginger, will literally power you up with a protective golden shield, just like in a video game! Spiderman, who?


Fact 3: Action & Mood

How does it Fully Charge me? Our You're Golden tea is part of our FULLY CHARGED range. Our FULLY CHARGED range is created from black tea, which is highly caffeinated to give you unstoppable superpowers whenever you need that boost.

What are the Benefits? Black tea has 1/3 of the caffeine of an average espresso shot. This makes it a great way to decrease your caffeine intake while still supercharging yourself for the day ahead!


Fact 4: The Perfect Brew


For your ideal brew, pour 100℃ Water temp. into your fave cup and brew for 3+ MINS. Throw your tea pack and teabag in your recycling bin and send your used aluminium sachets back to us to be recycled!




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