During today's Climate Change epidemic, recycling is as important as ever! Did you know that the UK produces more than 100 million tonnes of waste every year? At Offblak, we want to do things right by our planet and achieve ZERO WASTE TO LANDFILL!

What is Zero waste to landfill you ask? Zero Waste is a set of principles focused on waste prevention that encourages the redesign of resource life cycles so that all products are reused! The goal is for NO waste to be sent to landfills, incinerators, or the ocean. 

As a new generation of tea, we’re making sure that our values align with yours! Our mission is to make great tasting tea that complements your lifestyle, as well as having a positive impact on the environment. We don’t only want to look good. We want to BE good! 

So, to fulfil this mission, we use recyclable packaging wherever possible! 

Want to help us achieve Zero Waste To Landfill?

Here's what you need to do!


All our packaging is widely recyclable! Our Tea packs are a recyclable carton, they are printed only on one side to use less ink & energy! 

To recycle your Tea packs, all you need to do is flatten your tea pack and pop it in the recycling! 


Our Tea Bags are made of the Recyclable plastic PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate). PET is the most widely recycled plastic and can be recycled into polyester fabric, filling for fleeces, carpets and cushion fillings! Simply place our tea bags in your recycling bin provided by your local council.


We use the best in class aluminium foil sachets with PP laminate to preserve our tea bags, which have the best preservation power for our tea bags… and they’re recyclable! Aluminium is widely recyclable if done properly! If not, it goes to the landfill. 

We want to do all we can to make sure our tea is properly recycled... So we have added pre-paid envelopes to every order! To be sure that our sachets are properly recycled, send it back to us to get it recycled! 

Here’s how it works: 

Send the sachets back to us using the prepaid recycling envelope provided by OFFBLAK, where they will be sent in bulk to specialist recycling spots! Rather than throwing them in your recycling bin, as they are not guaranteed to be recycled in this way and might end up in landfills!


What's more, our mission to go plastic-free has been delayed and we are currently aiming to do this by the end of 2021.

We want to do things right by our planet and achieve ZERO WASTE TO LANDFILL.

Help us achieve ZERO TO LANDFILL! Cheers!

Want to find out more about Recycling with OFFLBLAK? Click here to read on.



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