I am vegan, are your products suitable for me?

Calling all vegetarians and vegans! Our products are free from animal products or ingredients derived from animals. Sip your tea! We know this is important to you, so we are also working on getting certified!

Is your tea diet-friendly?

OFFBLAK is a tea that fits right into your healthy lifestyle, making it trendier. Whatever your nutrition habits or fitness goals, we aim to make your life tastier with our natural and nearly zero calorie tea.

Where can I find nutritional information?

Nutritional information can be found under the “Ingredients & Nutritional information” tab on each of our product detail pages.

How much caffeine is in your tea?

Here at OFFBLAK we pride ourselves in being one of the few tea companies that have caffeine levels listed across our products.

Brewing time will change the level of caffeine in your tea, so as long as you stick to our brewing instructions, you will have your preferred level of caffeine!

Let’s go.

Do your teas expire?

You can put your mind at ease, because … OFFBLAK teas live for up to two years, keeping their amazing taste and freshness throughout. Please check for the best before end (‘BBE’) date on the side of the pack. So many things could happen in two years, but your comforting OFFBLAK will be with you through it all.

Is your packaging recyclable?

At OFFBLAK we take responsibilitea ;). Therefore, we aim, wherever possible, to use recyclable packaging. We have three levels of packaging. The box which contains the tea packs, the actual tea packs that hold the sachets, and then the sachets that hold the individual pyramid tea bags.

Both our outer box and tea packs are made from a sustainably sourced carton and are fully recyclable and FSC certified.

We want to deliver you with the best taste, freshness and shelf-life of our teas. We are working with our partners and suppliers to find an eco-friendly packaging solution that supports the environment and our consumers’ needs. We use aluminium foil which has the best preservation power for these factors.

Do your bags contain plastic?

Our packaging is recyclable, but we use some plastic in our pyramid tea bags to make them strong enough and convenient to use. We are working with our partners and suppliers to find an eco-friendly packaging solution that supports the environment and our consumers' needs. To provide you with the best experience, we don't compromise on flavour or quality.

Are your ingredients and teas Organic or Fairtrade?

With our teas we focus on delivering the highest quality and the best taste directly to you, our consumers. Some of our ingredients are organic, but not all of them. We work with farms and suppliers that have strong ethics and superior methods of growing teas. However, not all of them are Organic or Fairtrade certified. It's very difficult to register for the certification, and lots of the farms we work with are too small to afford the full certification.

We ensure, however, that all of our teas are No-GMP and contain no artificial colourings. Put your mind at ease with the fact that our ingredients are natural!

We also choose to pay a premium price for the highest quality whole leaf teas and the finest ingredients to ensure uncompromised product quality and exquisite taste.

Do your ingredients contain artificial flavours?

No, they do not. We prefer our whole tea leaves, fruit and herbs as natural as they come!

Where does your tea originate from?

To ensure our teas feature the finest ingredients, we source these from over 14 countries around the world. Depending on where we find the best quality and taste, it can, however, change from season to season.

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