You might be jetting off into the sun or cooking up a flaming BBQ for some well deserved Chill Out time - oh yes!

It becomes harder and harder to stay focused and motivated on our health during the hotter months - all we want to do is sit in the park with a soft-serve and flake *childhood vibes*. We need to keep it 100 and make smarter choices with our food and how often we indulge, which is easier when done in OFFBLAK style.

How do I stay healthy with all these snacks distracting me, you say (no, not those kinds of snacks, although we hope our beach has them too)? Don't worry, we got you! Take note of these pointers so that you can enjoy a happy and guilt-free summer.


When you're not drinking as much water as you should, your mind signals your body in a way which you interpret as hunger (that's when you reach for those sneaky carb-heavy snacks). So let's remind you to always stay hydrated with OFFBLAK tea.
Try our range of teas over ice, taste and benefits are not compromised, we promise 🤞


Photo by margot pandone on UnsplashPhoto by margot pandone on Unsplash

Take a dip in the deep end, not only is it a bit of cardio, but you don't really think about that when you're having a good time. Take OFFBLAK  poolside and let us do the magic; whether you're looking to get into that chill vibe or you want to get Fully Charged, we've got it all, hunny.

Did you know: if you swim rigorously for just 30 minutes, you could lose up to 400 calories *jumps into swimming pool*


Photo by Gabriel Sepúlveda on UnsplashPhoto by Gabriel Sepúlveda on Unsplash

The topic of mindful eating has increasingly become popular over the past couple of years, but what does it actually mean? Well, it basically just means listening to your body intuitively and knowing your hunger triggers (stomach growling or craving junk food). There are plenty of insightful reads on the internet, but when it comes down to it, it's the journey between you and food.

Most of the time our hunger triggers are signs of being thirsty, so we're here to quench your thirst. No matter what time of the year it is, tea is always a YAS from us. Enjoy Tea over ice or maybe, cocktails paired with a tasty summer snack or meal, sounds amazing - don't you think?


Photo by Icons8 team on UnsplashPhoto by Icons8 team on Unsplash

We know intermittent fasting isn't a lifestyle for everyone, but it doesn't hurt to try. If you think about it, we don't eat 24 hours a day and we don't eat in our sleep (goals, if we could). You've probably had one of those days when you've had your dinner and had a late night, then didn't eat until lunch the next day? Well, that's more than 16 hours of fasting.

Listen, we're not telling you to fast for long hours of the day or, follow a structured plan to do it. There are tons of great content that goes deeper into finding the right periods of day to fast/eat to get you comfortable with the lifestyle. If you don't like it, then just stop - easy peasy It's All Peachy!

If you do however decide to try intermittent fasting, then enjoy your fasting hours with some yummy teas!


Photo by Alex wong on UnsplashPhoto by Alex wong on Unsplash

Running is great for you, but running on a beach adds that extra resistance making it more of a challenge. What's best? You can do it if you're on holiday by a beach and it's free!

Make sure to always stay hydrated whenever you're working out or are spending long hours in the sun. If you want a change from water then, go for OFFBLAK. Take your love for tea to the next level and try our tea in your next cocktail - interested? Have a read here to get started.

Still unsure? Why not TRY our teas before you buy - sounds exciting, right? Yeah, we thought so too.

Already a fan? Browse our whole range here and have a look at what takes your fancy.

Remember, the most important thing this vacay is not to focus too much on a strict regime - relax, be happy and have fun! This is good for the soul and for keeping stress levels low (and we all know stress is detrimental to our health). Cheers! 



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