Business Q'S

Why is it called OFFBLAK?

Hey :) we are glad you asked - since we aim to be the rebellious tea brand, in the same way that traditional tea is black, what we offer is anything but just black tea. Read our brand story here.

The rest is history ;)

What makes your tea so good compared to other teas?

Our R&D team has gone through a year of experimenting with whole leaf teas, herbs and fruits to provide the tastiest flavours and the best ingredients! What’s more, we took our teas to the test near the Old Street in East London, 100% of our teas were either at par or beat competition! So we are quite confident, you will love our tea too.

What do the design on your packs mean?

While there is a clear theme across each category, each illustration is created to represent the mood and feeling you get when drinking that specific tea. Find out more from the artist when we release our interview with Thomas Hedger on the OFFBLOG!

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